Planned Care


Planned care refers to services for pre-arranged health appointments either in the community or in the hospital. It covers diagnostic services, outpatient services and scheduled operations. Too often people are travelling to a hospital appointment that lasts a few minutes when they could be saved time, cost and stress by the NHS doing things in a different way. We want our planned care services organised better so that patients see the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Making better use of the high quality care available in the community will free-up space at Leicester’s hospitals for patients needing emergency and specialist services.


Future plans

Our plans include:

  • Providing more services in the community rather than in hospital, in specialties such as skin problems, eyes, ears, nose and throat, and general surgery
  • Creating a referral support service
  • Changing the way some out-patient appointments are delivered
  • Providing more text reminders to patients so we make better use of our facilities.